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Friday, August 3, 2012

Along Came Ms. Spikenard By Marah Marlette

I was not particularly eager to use Spikenard, as her fragrance is a bit, um, pungent, if you will.  But, all I kept hearing was "Use me in the bath" for days and days on end, and so I finally agreed.  I decide to also use some Lavender, just to take the edge off not only my day, but of Ms. Spike's earthy, woody, (but sorta stinky) aroma.

WELL!  Imagine my surprise when the aroma opens up into this amazing space of clearing on every level of my being!  I didn't realize what a hard day it had been until I got into the essence and sea-salt infused bath, and submerged myself.  I'd been reluctantly using Spikenard only when I "really needed it" for falling asleep, or clearing some negative energy from my field.  What happened was that I was suddenly transported into a meditational state of not only being able to clearly "see" the negative energy being removed from my field and escorted away, but, I suddenly had the image of my oldest daughter (15) staring at me, with her brother and sister right behind her.

I thought to myself for just a split second, "Oh this is going to be good...!"  And then my daughter practically yells at me, "MOM!  DID YOU CHANGE YOUR HAIR AGAIN?!"

Out of anything I could have imagined she would say to me, I had to laugh.

I imagined myself smiling at all three of them, and then just said, "Well, yes honey I did.  Change is the only constant my dear--embrace it now and you will suffer much less in this life."

And with that, she paused.

"HM." She says, still thinking.  "Well, I still don't know why YOU have to change so much..."

I do with that what I do with most of those kinds of comments:  just nod in understanding, smile lovingly, and then go about my business.  I finished my bath, the negative stuff of the day was gone, and I felt liberated from my own self-judgment (coming through an impromptu spiritual conversation with my kid) and began to write.

The essences helped me once again gain more perspective and more peace in my life, by amplifying my connection to Source (Spirit, God, et. al...) in my BATH of all things!

I just love this stuff...  ;)

Next on the list:  Peppermint, meditation, sacred geometry, and YOU!   

About Marah:
Marah is a certified Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist with Wisdom of
the Earth. Marah has been studying with the founders of Wisdom of the Earth since early 2008,
which has included journeying to France to meet with farmers and learn about the distilling
process. She has dedicated her learning of these plant essences to reaching out to others, and
offering a bridge between modalities. Through her own journey of healing, the experiential
knowledge she brings to teaching will help open your mind and heart to truths long forgotten. Marah will
 be visiting PranaYoga on August 25 and 26 to invoke our journey of Medicinal Aromatherapy!!

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