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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peppermint, Sacred Geometry, Meditation, and YOU

by guest blogger Marah Marlette

Peppermint...French? or US??
Such a delicious quandary. Lately, I have been driven to use the French Peppermint for some reason, and, have reaped the rewards for listening to her sweet beckoning voice: I have gone out farther in my meditations than ever before. And, BONUS, have had much more recall of lucid dreamtime and participation. OOOH LA LA!!! Vive La France!
Anyone who knows me knows that my loving France is not new news. BUT, disclaimers aside, there is something rather potently different with my new exuberance for the French Peppermint we offer.
I am no dedicated “floor sitter” regarding meditation . No. I do it whenever and whenever I am called to. Iʼve done the concentrated, floor-sitting-lotus stuff too, and still do when I need to, no joke. BUT, when I allow myself to come in and out of meditation throughout my day, every day, well...I think some seriously great magic happens!
Cue Peppermint, French or US. They are both extraordinary at helping us “connect the dots” if you will, regarding meditation time. Not only do they connect us with the sacred geometry inherent in every last little thing, let alone us, they bring clarity like few others can. Imagine this added oomph in your yoga practice, healing practice, education, contemplation, creative endeavors....I think you get the idea.
And then there is the uplifting, cooling relief they offer as well--much needed during these summer months, which in AZ is well, um, downright oppressive at times, even up here towards Sedona. The French Peppermint is far colder than the US, and with that crispness I think comes the extra-cool clarity and awareness.
Donʼt know for sure! But, thatʼs sure how it feels. Thereʼs so much more! But...Iʼll have to save it for another time.
I am so looking forward to our next class in Fort Wayne! The energy around it is building extraordinarily well for me now, and itʼs going to be an amazing adventure and experience.
If you are interested, itʼs not too late to sign up! Go for it! 

About Marah:

Marah is a certified Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist with Wisdom of
the Earth. Marah has been studying with the founders of Wisdom of the Earth since early 2008,
which has included journeying to France to meet with farmers and learn about the distilling
process. She has dedicated her learning of these plant essences to reaching out to others, and
offering a bridge between modalities. Through her own journey of healing, the experiential
knowledge she brings to teaching will help open your mind and heart to truths long forgotten. Marah will
 be visiting PranaYoga on August 25 and 26 to invoke our journey of Medicinal Aromatherapy!!

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