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Saturday, December 24, 2011

New “Yoga for Women” Class May Help Reduce Pelvic Pain

by Kelly McLendon

Chronic female pelvic pain is pain below the belly button and between the hips, lasting for 6 months or longer. The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and tissues, which have the purpose of supporting the lower organs. Pain in the pelvic region can appear, disappear and then return. Some women experience more pain around the menstrual cycle, which may stop them from attending school or going to work for a few days, due to the severe pain.
One new class at Pranayoga downtown will focus on reducing pain in the pelvic region. “Yoga for Women” will be a general asana class with an importance on postures for the well-being of women. It is suitable for all levels and the class will focus on hip opening, strengthening the core muscles and becoming aware of holding patterns in the pelvis.
The class is designed for women who suffer from pelvic pain, lower back and hip pain and menstrual cycle pain and difficulties. It is also perfect for women who are looking to become more in-tune with their bodies, even if they don’t experience pain.
Symptoms experienced with chronic pelvic pain can vary from woman to woman. It can be pain ranging from mild to severe or from dull to sharp. It can present itself as pain during sex or pain when urinating, in addition to many other types.
The causes of pelvic pain vary as well. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids can cause pain. Pelvic infections, irritable bowel syndrome or chronic bladder irritation can also be responsible for pain. Additionally, Chronic pelvic pain can stem from emotional factors.
Whatever it may be caused from, the pain is very real and a regular yoga practice may help manage some of the symptoms.
Yoga for Women can help manage the symptoms of female chronic pelvic pain by using postures to strengthen the pelvic floor and tone the reproductive organs. In addition, the practice will help to harmonize hormonal production through the energy channels, also called nadis.
Pranayama breathing techniques will also be used, with the goal of bringing awareness to unconscious tensing of the pelvic floor muscles.
This class will be offered on Thursdays, from 6-7 p.m., in the Chandra Room at Pranayoga Downtown.
About the instructor:  Kelly McLendon, RYT-200, completed her training at Pranayoga and continues to enhance her knowledge with workshops specific to the pelvic floor. As someone who has experienced pelvic pain, Kelly is excited about sharing what she has learned with other women who might have chronic pain.