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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Conquering Kapha!

 Spring is an exciting time for all of nature, a time for planting , starting new projects, cleaning out the old, and enjoying the outdoors. Why then can our physical bodies sometime not keep up with the ideas and projects we have started. In the science of Ayurveda, Joyful living, Spring is Kapha season. Kapha is made up of the elements of Earth and water. While this elements are very grounding after the winter season and can inspire us to create new projects and ideas in the world, it can also become a little too grounding and create fatigue and stagnation, a lack of motivation or a heaviness can settle in, especially in the late afternoon hours. Another thing that can stop us is uncomfortable allergies and excess mucous or bronchial illnesses.
 Once we start on this cycle of imbalance, it is hard to break, but here are a few tips to balance your physical body with all the projects you are thinking of doing or are already underway!
 Top 5 things to do for health and balance this Spring Season! March 21st-June 21st.     
  • Get up at sunrise. Get up and get some fresh air first thing in the morning! Even if it is just a quick walk around the block it will do more for you than the morning cup of Joe!
  •  Dry brush. We can tend to hold a little excess water in our bodies during this time of year. Dry brushing in the morning before a shower will encourage the lymphatic system to drain and leave your skin feeling extra smooooth!
  • Turn up the intensity. We can actually turn up our physical fitness routines in the springtime, one day at a time of course. Meet yourself where you are but try things a little outside of your comfort zone. Maybe some pushups, or a hot yoga class or workshop, or a jog on the greenway!
  • Eucalyptus oil- This is great for putting on the bottom of your feet or in a diffuser for respiratory problems. Great for kids who usually are prone to excess kapha illness such as respiratory and good for those that are balancing their blood pressure.
  • Eat your greens, Kale, dandelion greens, and arugula are excellent sources of vitamins and super cleansing.
  • Avoid sugar and heavy dairy foods. Maybe switch to almond milk for the spring/summer and cut out everything but a little cheese. I prefer raw goat cheese, which is more nutritious and easier to digest than cow’s milk.
  •  Enjoy yourself. Slow down. Smile more. These are useful ways to be more joyful throughout the year! Stay tuned for preparing for summer article to follow!

Dani Vani McGuire E-RYT500, is the founder of PranaYoga School of Yoga and Health, Writer, Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Health Educator. For more information visit danimcguire.com