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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not just ANY kind of aromatherapy, but therapeutic, medicinal grade essential essences that commune with us and help us recall our lost knowings of how magnificent and truly integrative we all are!
Imagine my surprise when, maybe just like you, I find myself signing up for a class that teaches an introductory course to medicinal aromatherapy, and have no idea why, other than because I feel led to. No, I couldn’t really “afford” it at the time, but I knew I needed to do it. I wasn’t a “practitioner,” or a massage therapist...I just wanted something more for myself and my journey.
I had no idea what was about to take place, or the transformation that was about to start.
One of my most favorite memories of learning about these essences was having a dream during one of the nights I attended the class. It was Ylang Ylang, in all her Deva-ness, and she had quite a bit to say! Granted, we had plenty of essences poured on ourselves that day, and I’m certain that had a lot to do with my heightened dream-state participation. My life on this earth changed forever after that weekend--and the communication and healing that has happened since then, and the magnification of my awareness and spirituality that has unfolded, is simply awesome.
Practicing with these essences, whether a therapist or not, can only magnify your intent and awareness, and draw to you (and your client, should that be the case) amplified healing and love energy.
The time is now to add to your tool box. :) That’s what I call it: building your tool kit, so you can better serve not only yourself along your journey, but anyone else who happens along your path, if they so choose to be a part of it. These essences are truly “Spirit in a bottle.” I do hope you will join me in celebrating their gifts of healing they have to offer us, through learning and listening to their sweet messages and taking in their amazing aromas.
*Next post: Along came Ms. Spikenard...

About the Author 
  Marah Marlette, certified Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist with Wisdom of
the Earth. Marah has been studying with the founders of Wisdom of the Earth since early 2008,
which has included journeying to France to meet with farmers and learn about the distilling
process. She has dedicated her learning of these plant essences to reaching out to others, and
offering a bridge between modalities. Through her own journey of healing, the experiential
knowledge she brings to teaching will help open your mind and heart to truths long forgotten. Marah will be holding a Level One Aromatherapy Class at PranaYoga this August! Sign up by August 3rd to reserve your space!