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Friday, March 6, 2015

Mary Newell-PranaYoga Teacher SpotLIGHT

My yoga journey began in 1994 with a video featuring Ali MacGraw & Erich Schiffmann. My “intention” was to gain flexibilty. After practicing once I was hooked (on the feeling of “calm”...not on the “stretch” part). What started as a physical practice has emerged into so much more. I owe that to “intention” setting.

I began setting intentions for my home practice such as: staying with the breath, letting go while forward folding, opening my heart during backbends and finding the effort and relaxation in every pose. Intention setting is what guided my yoga practice from a great stretch to complete presence and awareness.
Intention setting started transforming how I instruct my yoga classes as well. As I enter the studio, I state the intention to be fully present and analyze what energy change needs to occur. I open my heart, consciously breathe, observe, and then set an intention for the practice. Recent class intentions have included: chakra balance, reaching apex poses, detoxing twists, engaging bandhas, and living the yamas and niyamas(the ethical principles of yoga)

Off the mat...intention setting continues. I began incorporate loving kindness. This turns the focus to right intention. By “right” I mean intention for the good of all, not for personal gain. When faced with tough choices, my intention is to choose what causes the least amount of harm. I was taught early on that when one suffers we all suffer.

Yoga, for me, started as a liberating home practice. I soon craved connections. My Pranayoga family provides a sense of community, support and devotion that is rare. Many different backgrounds, paths and intentions moving toward light and love. No one person has to exist in isolation.

Sharing my passions with others is a blessing. My intention today is to be a wife, mother, friend, student and instructor who is truly authentic and present.

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